Taner Vertical Sterilizer is a patented  technology with its track record of proven performance that assure maximum return on your capital investment.
Spanning more than 100 projects across users from Malaysia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Colombia and Sierra Leone; Taner has gained valuable experiences of delivering you the modern sterilization technology specially used in  the palm oil milling industry. This modern Vertical Sterilization System enables a “one way traffic”  Fresh Fruit Bunches (FFB) handling system which moves away completely from the conventional fruit cages double-handling arrangement. FFB is fed into the Vertical Sterilizer using the robust scrapper bar conveyers at control of a push button. There on, our novel  Taner Vertical Sterilizer which is designed to  sterilize FFB at superior steam efficiency of 60 minutes cooking (for 30 tons FFB) shall give you a greater preservation of FFB quality like Deterioration of Bleachability Index (DOBI). Lastly, upon completion of sterilization cycle controlled by a PLC, User at the push of a control button will energize the auger to allow a smooth and regulated fruit discharge. All these handling is completed using only maximum two operators. Operation cost saving is proven to be halved compares to conventional cages system.
Taner Vertical Sterilization system has come through a long history of product development, patent registration in 25 countries, won civil suit cases against patent invalidation claim, transformed from small batch production to efficient large scale production, improved quality control, relentless effort to communicate product awareness, to today’s successful commercialization of this product. This one way traffic sterilization system has been widely accepted for new palm oil mills design and upgrading projects replacing conventional horizontal sterilization system to modern Vertical Sterilizer station. Our project records a wide range of proven processing capacity 15TPH to 120TPH palm oil mill. Capital investment for Vertical Sterilization system is so far the lowest amongst the other sterilization system available in the market.
Taner Vertical Sterilization system is a relatively greener technology due to its approximately 40% savings in steam consumption compares to conventional horizontal sterilization technology. The less amount of steam used resulted in relatively reduced condensate produced; which eventually minimized the total Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME), a high strength liquid waste generated during milling process. 
Vertical Sterilizer is a generic commercial name which is often confused by uninformed clients. Not all Vertical Sterilizer from general manufacturer is the same in terms of design, performance, legality and quality. We are most pleased to attend any of your inquiry for product technical, commercial and legal information.