Taner founders are strong believers in first mover’s advantage in products succession planning. Hence, this pioneer self-funded TANER R&D PALM OIL MILL SDN BHD is dedicated to materialize our PASSION IN DELIVERING INNOVATIVE SYSTEM through research, development & collaboration works. The mill is located in Tenom, Sabah and shall be the show-case mill for prospective investors interested in this design, at the same time serve as training center for clientele.


Our novel “Portable and ModularTMMill”  is equipped with patented & innovative system like:


  • Tailor to enable containerized shipment for major main process equipment
  • Modular & Portable system to enable an easy set up at site with minimum handling and shorter construction time
  • Features minimum resources and utility requirement: small footprint; lean manpower requirement; reduced steam, water & electricity consumption, reduced Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME) generated
  • Features state of the art technology: Vertical Sterilizer System, Pressure Temperature Phase Separation (PTPS) System for Clarification, Dry Winnowing System for Kernel Recovery, Modular Bi-Drum Water Tube Boiler
  • Optional Value-added ancillary plant – Organic Fertilizer Plant and Composting Plant