About Us

TANER INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY (M) SDN BHD is dedicated in delivering state of the art equipment for the palm oil mill industry. Currently, we are focus in commercialization of global patented “method & apparatus for sterilization of palm fruits” or popularly known as "TANER VERTICAL STERILIZER SYSTEM" and novel P25 DOUBLE SCREW PRESS AND 6000L DIGESTER, the biggest capacity currently available in the palm oil milling industry.

As of Year 2019, the company’s market footprint has reached Malaysia - Peninsula, Sarawak, Sabah; Indonesia – Sumatera, Kalimantan, Papua; South America – Colombia, Peru; Central America - Guatemala; West Africa – Sierra Leone and Thailand – Surat Thani. We are continuously reaching out to expand our market growth by providing integrated products and solutions to our end users for new mills design and rehabilitation request (replacing obsolete conventional cages system to Taner Vertical Sterilizer System).   

Starting May 2013, our fabrication activities are carried out in our new factory located on a 5 acres site in Sg Pelek, Sepang, Selangor. The factory is serviced by 6 units of overhead cranes of  6.3 tons capacity and 12.5 tons capacity. The production facility is also fully equipped with sheet metal machineries, automatic welding facilities and full range of machining equipment.


At the same time, we are continuously building our competency in PRESSURE VESSEL MANUFACTURING of which we are certified by ASME & Jabatan Keselamatan dan Kesihatan Pekerjaan Malaysia (JKKP) :

  • ASME U stamp – Certificate #47,868 (Manufacture of Unfired Pressure Vessel) 
  • ASME S stamp – Certificate #47,867 (Manufacture and Assembly of Power Boilers) 
  • ASME R stamp – Certificate #R-9506 (Metallic Repairs And/Or Alteration of Boiler and Pressure Vessel)
  • JKKP PVM 01 & 03 – Licence No: BT21/584 on manufacturing of Unfired Pressure Vessel and Quick Actuating Door

Products & Services:

  • Global patented vertical sterilizer system
  • Continuous double screw press
  • Fruit digester
  • POM equipment service contracts